Business Development Services

Our goal and claim is to support you in the implementation of your business goals and to break new ground for sustainable growth together with you. We support you in implementing your strategies for sales and marketing, help you evaluate new sales channels and illuminate your market opportunities by integrating new media and tools.

In doing so, we don’t just rely on theoretical analyses, but also put the strategies directly into practice to get a feel for your market environment, products and competitive situation – in short, our approaches are practical, comprehensible and measurable.

What is important to us is a holistic solution approach that takes into account all facets of your task. For example, the focus of activities may be more on marketing in one case, or on sales in another. This is done by taking into account and using technical solutions and modern methods. We understand this holistic approach as Business Development Services, with only one goal: your success!  

Our services at a glance

Vertrieb ist Ihre Speetspitze zum Kunden


Sales is your spearhead to the customer and the business card of your company.


Our marketing approach is sales oriented - your website is your first sales agent online - or at least it should be if you offer products and services.


Digitization means the use of data and algorithmic systems for new or improved processes, products, and business models


Through 30 years in sales, our trainings are practical with many examples and cover a wide range of competencies

Business Development Services offers competent consulting and implementation for technology-oriented companies on all topics related to sales and marketing.

The development of sales structures, the creation of a marketing concept or the acquisition of new customers is one of our core competencies. If you want to build up a company and hold your own in the market … if you want to develop your business and increase your sales … then you not only need sound knowledge about products, customers, competitors, and strategies….

Above all, you require someone who knows how to develop markets and lead your sales to the top.

Someone with extensive experience who knows both the pitfalls and the untapped potential in sales. With passion and leadership qualities, who not only develops strategies but also successfully puts them into practice. With social competence, who enjoys working with people and knows how to promote their strengths.

Someone like us.

We actively support you in systematically and methodically building up and developing your business. I cordially invite you to a non-binding discussion and look forward to hearing from you.