What is Coaching?

Coaching is essentially a goal-, process- and solution-oriented accompaniment of individuals and groups and is an ideal complement to successful business development.
Every person, whether in professional or private life, encounters situations that he or she cannot master with his or her existing repertoire of reactions and actions. These are usually personal conflicts and blockades that cause situational behavior that is not always compatible with the respective environment or other people. In the professional environment, these are typically situations with customers (negotiations, escalation, etc.), tensions between superiors and employees (performance appraisals, termination and other disciplinary discussions, etc.), conflicts between employees, and also the development of one’s own career.

It is usually a matter of sharpening one’s own goal, recognizing and accepting each other’s perspective, and changing one’s own perspective to increase one’s ability to achieve goals.

In such situations, it is often advisable to enlist the help of a coach who can open up new ways of achieving goals or resolving conflicts. The aim is not to recommend a course of action, as in classic consulting, but to develop new approaches and options for action by building understanding and openness.

The goal is always the further development of one’s own personality and possibilities for action. These should then be manifested and lead to the successful solution of current, future tasks.

What do we offer?

Our approach is the use of coaching as a form of consulting in the personal environment (personnel development), in the context of training and education and for the optimization of group dynamic processes to improve communication in the company in terms of business success.

We use professional and certified coaches as needed and as part of our services such as sales, marketing and business development services. In doing so, we apply various methods that have been tried and tested in sales and marketing.